Sunday, 18 December 2011

what you need to know about me.

well. it's half past midnite. 20minutes ago my husband and i decided to crawl into bed after watching "one magic christmas" and "iron chef america" {secret ingredient: sparkling wine ~ who knew latke's and sparkling wine go together}. i hadn't even finished brushing my teeth when my husband's work phone rang and he got called out. we should've known when we saw the heavy snowfall begin an hour ago & everything was getting a solid dusting.
so when the hubby goes off to work , i don't sleep. usually. i stay up late and research my next craft project or which etsy shop i want to share with you. tonite, however, i feel that you need to get to know me.

alas, brace yourself.

  1. my favourite movie is julie/julia.
  2. i hate toothpaste. 
  3. i despise gum.
  4. i've lived in the uk.
  5. i dream of renewing my vows to my husband. {i love him that much!}
  6. in two years, we plan on spending two weeks in switzerland,germany or france with our son.
  7. i love eating cookie dough, raw eggs and all.
  8. i'm addicted to shopping for anything martha stewart.
  9. i covet my le creuset dutch oven that i received for our wedding from my aunt and cousins. its the secret to a great dish.
  10. my favourite colour is white. but because people argue its a shade, my favourite colour colour is turquoise. 
  11. i believe in the power of positive thinking and vision boards.{heart "the secret"}
  12. i would love to own a new york brownstone. 
  13. i hate the sound of a ringing phone.
  14. i'm awful at replying to texts.
  15. i spend 70% of my week in jammies.
  16. having a fluent conversation en francais  with my bf/neighbour is a goal of mine.
  17. onions cause my eyeballs to become waterfalls. literally. then i remember to leave my onions in the freezer for 10min.
  18. i dislike cats.
  19. dancing is my favourite stress reliever.
  20. i believe i can sing. i'm aware of how sad that is.
  21. "gold on the ceiling" by the black keys is my current favourite song.
  22. my next tattoo is going to be of a cupcake.{i'd love a sleeve}
  23. before every purchase larger than $50, i call my husband and ask him "what would you do if i bought ___ ?" 
  24. when cooking, i don't taste my food. i make my husband do it and then i season it according to his reaction. {this makes ryan shake his head}.
  25. i like to run at nite.
  26. owning a home in the river valley is one of my goals, it will have to be a "fixer upper".
  27. i should have been born in the late 60's.
  28. this past summer, i was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety.
  29. i know every word to madonna's immaculate collection. {heart!}
  30. i dream of selling my artwork.

i'm sure there is more you should know about me.but, there you have it. {oh , you could check out my old blogs post about me, 
and ps. if your husband tells you his favourite movie for the holidays is "one magic christmas"..grab a box of tissues and prepare for a snot fest. it's a great movie, but shit ryan.. i wasn't prepared for the sobbing. 

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  1. You forgot to put your favourite saying: "HI FOUR!"