Saturday, 31 December 2011

new year , new inspiration

i love vision boards.
i love cutting out pictures of things that inspire me.
i have a huge ikea picture frame in my craft room filled with cut outs {from mostly MS Weddings magazines} of pictures that inspire me to craft something..or buy something.
{pause. my three year old currently decided to have a fit about the broken printer in said craft room.. "ellis, it doesnt work honey.." "i think it does" *cue throwing paper and mommy asking him not to do that and threatening a nap *introduce very sad alligator tears} oh motherhood.

i really love buying things that inspire me.
sometimes i dont actually needs those things that i buy but 
it makes me feel good knowing i have that one thing that makes
me feel like i can create something equally 
as beautiful.

so since it's going to be a new year in less than 10 hours, i decided to put together a new inspiration board.

due credit:
1.Limited Edition Gold Zag Tray by upintheairsomewhere
2.ikat pillow by chicdecorpillows
3.5x7 campout print by hillarybird
4.custom made matryoshka quilt by babyburritoquilts
5.ivory acrylic owl pin by decoylab
6.rhino brooch , modelling clay by teconlene
7.smoky rose dangling earrings by nestprettythings shop citrine teardrop ring by ohkuol
9.aden and anais bamboo swaddling blankets 
10.find your happy thought, limited edition giclee print by helen dardik
11.happy happy print by farouche 

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