Thursday, 29 December 2011

i heart our xmas video.

this is a small xmas video, recording a few short moments of our christmas.
we spent the holidays with my husband's family. 
and i have to say my sister in law , kaytee , is by far the most creative and talented young woman i have ever met. it's a total honour to have her in my life . { not to be missed is my other sister in law, rach, who i love just as equally and covet her golf talent and school smarts!}
but it's unreal to me how this girl can throw something like this together in a matter of hours.
my love for her is infinite. 

so in the spirit of the holidays, please head over to her Facebook page and ' like' her. 
kaytee is an aspiring photographer who's talent has already reached epic proportions. 
if you hire her for family portraits, maternity shots, or for something fun to do, you'll be left in awe and amazement .

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  1. I am looking forward to when Don says I can spend money on pictures of the girls again so we can use your SIL! Her pictures are great and are a style I am loving! I've liked her on facebook :) The video is lovely, hope you had a great holiday and Ellis' birthday too!