Friday, 16 December 2011

Annual Fondue

the annual fondue we attend in calgary
c/o of joe and claire

~ let the mateus flow ~
crantini's. a holiday neccessity.

auntie donna's yummy chinese chews.

stirring the chocolate. 

our ever so helpful pup, whatley. 

sweetened condensed milk. need i say more. 

a joyful owl. a christmas present from two years ago. 1 of too many.

ellis and his auntie. playing games on the ipod.

master newspaper reader , the delightful uncle dale.

biggest highlite of the fondue this year , graffiti on the walls! the hosts are renovating, they asked us for motivation to help get the main floor started.

neil vs. lindsey.

point dexter, eh danny. the army called, they want their buzz cut back.  hehe

master mixer. 

me and the fondue fork weilding bubba kid. 

the lovely auntie donna. 

one too many crantinis.

the spread! 

ian, the resident artist! 

neil, giving ellis a hand up to write on the roof. 

our gracious and brave hosts. joe and claire.

daddy helping ellis read his birthday card. ruth and steve in behind.

sue , dick and ellis ! 

danny, serving the death of me.

thank god for uncle dale and his never ending enthusiasm to cook a hearty breakfast. lord knows this girl was in dire need of some back bacon and eggs.  
the gorgeous scene from auntie donna and uncle dale's front window. we woke up to a large dusting of snow. 

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