Wednesday, 30 November 2011

my life is a seinfeld episode.


recently we've acquired a beta fish..puddy is his name. he's 
a good little fish. we got him on a whim. our neighbours have a gajillion fish in a huge tank in their bonus room (a temporary home until we emerge from the great polar ice cap we become from november to may then these fishies make their way back outside to the pond) . but i think sub consciously we were feeling a bit jealous that they have super cool fish to look at everyday so
we thought we'd join in the fun. so while my husband was at work, i packed up my master and we headed to the pet shop. my original intention of getting puddy was so we had something to entertain us through the winter. it can get cold, lonely and very grey throughout this time of year in alberta. but now i'm hoping he lasts longer than the winter.. the very fact that he made it on the way home is surprising though. i don't know if i could have picked a bumpier backroad to avoid all the construction happening on the main drag. once home, we had to decide on a name. i thought costanza. but my sweet and loving husband decided on "Puddy".. as in..
"you got a question, you ask the 8 ball"
"all signs point to yes"

then very recently came whatley. who i have commonly referred to as puddy because i'm mental like that. i have an uncle who runs a pretty awesome farm not far from us and his own two pure bred golden english labs had a litter of 10. i didn't think we wanted one but when i talked to the husband, he had this look in his eye like..."how fun would that be!" a couple days later, a short phone call and 45 minute drive north to my uncle's.. and whatley was carefully placed into a rubbermaid container (no lid of course!! sheesh) and transported to his new  home. this time i chose a less bumpier course home. 
his name "whatley" is the last name of a seinfeld character.. tim whatley .. the dentist..come on , you know who I'm talking about. 

then on top of all these pet names {excluding our oldest dog, whose name is kind} my husband insists on watching old episodes of seinfeld EVERY night before we go to bed. 
i mean, jeez.. we've been together for 8 years. 
the first year he used to watch the family guy before bed.
thank god for seinfeld's dvd sets. so i'd say in 7 years, i've watched the entire collection (180 episodes in 9 years) approximately 14+ times. wow.

"alright,high five"

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