Friday, 30 September 2016

How to Survive Costco with a Toddler

  • Stop at Starbucks. You need 1 caffeinated beverage and 2 cake pops.
  • Immediately hide 1 cake pop in purse.
  • Proceed to Costco. 
  • Shot gun cafffeinated beverage , tighten up your shoe laces and consult husband on Costco budget. 
  • While Toddler is happily munching on cake pop #1 make your way through the beginning aisles.
  • Pick out pyjamas your child does not need, chocolate almonds - because your hungry, flannel sheets because it’s fall and why not. You know the drill.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Focus on the Creativity

I'm on a personal journey.
It's a journey of focusing my creativity.
This is not an easy journey.
I have been quoted as being a "renaissance" woman by a very close friend in a card she gave to me for my birthday once.. And, it's probably one of the highest compliments a friend could give you.
It's true.. if I can make it, I won't buy it. Albeit, if it's cheaper to buy it.. then I'll probably ...still make it. This is what happens when your brain is in a constant creative state. You always know when there's something you can make and why wouldn't you because when its made, it has more heart in it.
But, this journey.. It's not one that has an end, I don't think. I don't think I can visualize it as a map and pin point where the road ends. There's a very real possibility this is a lifelong internal road trip .
And I have been that woman standing in Home Sense looking at a coat rack thinking.. I know exactly how to make this and where to get the material for it. $15 Not bad.. Put it in the cart. Circle the store. Put it back. I can make it tho.. for $20 ..(nevermind the $20 in diesel I'll burn driving to the four different stores for the supplies). When you shop with me, THIS is what goes on in my head! At every .  SINGLE. store. It does not stop.

 So. I spend a really large part of my day tending to my tribe and my teepee. I spend a minute amount of time tending to my creative process. It's very common for it to get sloughed around in the mix of bills, kids stuff , laundry and the search for dinner. And I'd like to say I could pick up a passenger for this wicked ride I'm on.. cuz you know we's be drivin a slick VW van.. pimped out with carmel leather seats , all white with chrome accents… and who wants to drive that fun bus alone. Not me. But, not even my sweet sweet hunny of a hubby can help.. Well, maybe a tad. But that's besides the point. Cuz this biatch has got to hone this in.

Some people don't know I paint or illustrate. and thats cool cuz not everyone needs to know.  I don't do fine artwork. I'm certainly not a master. Though, I do consider my little family illustrations mini masterpieces. (Ya'll aren't that easy to capture!) But, I haven't been "out there" in a serious way for very long. And a lot of the time, people don't know I do these things because I am a mommy/wife and there's no real balance to that and getting the time to create is tough. Three year olds don't necessarily let you sit down and draw or concentrate on a painting for hours..  It's not fair to them and I just end up frustrated, anyways.

Now , this is where I stand. With two little strings pulling on each side of me. My family duties holding one and my creative heart with the other ..each tugging away in different directions. What i need to do is find a way to braid these ropes together and make room for it all. Now, how , pray tell, do i do this!?

Then I saw this in my photo archives.. and I guess I need to remember that this is my small beginning..
and slowly , I'll be able to focus on my creativity journey and not let the line be drawn so boldly  between my real world and what I think is my dream world . But I know that my real world is my creativity and it's not going anywhere. And I wouldn't want it any other way.. just a little less static...
When i've come up with some concrete plans for how to braid those fine strings.. I'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on how to make it all work .. let me know! Comment in the section below. I'd love to hear from you. xx

Friday, 1 July 2016

30 Day Goal

What are my goals for the next 30 days?
Do you have any goals for the next month? 

This is a blog prompt I saw on Pinterest and I thought "gee..that's interesting.. I wonder what mine would be if I truly sat down to think about it?" .
So, I did.

Life seems a bit hairy canary right now. Summer is supposed to be everyone's relax time .but for me, it's not. Except for two weeks out of the summer where I get to spend my time lounging on the beach in my in-laws hometown of Christina Lake,BC. There , I do nothing but watch my kids frolic on streets with the odd sunday driver, keep an eye out for bears, plan our next bike ride down the highway (sounds scarier than it actually is) to get soft serve and amaz. onion rings. It's a simple life, a quiet two weeks and I am pretty sure I will have to live near this lake one day soon. Life there is just how I think things should be on a daily basis.. Mind you, the increasing amount of bugs you encounter compared to the prairies, bears the size of your shed in the backyard and the low hanging clouds of winter are enough to make you second guess.. But, that's neither here nor there. Girls gotta dream of having a lake house.. Imagine, an ocean girl dreaming of a lake house.. 

But, back to the idea of goals for the next 30 days.. 
Naturally, you'd grab a piece of paper and a pencil and start making a list. Lists..oh lists.. the satisfaction you can receive from ticking boxes and crossing out items on those lists.. Make a girl with ocd swoon…  You would start the list off , most likely, with all of the things you want to get done around your house ; such as: those creative-make-your-life-easier-slash-make-you-look-like-the-ultimate-crafter DIY jobs that are neatly compiled on your "super ideas"p pinterest (let me just point out here that spell check is increasingly annoying when you are trying to type p i n t e r e s t. *EYE ROLL!*) board . (RUN ON SENTENCE ALERT. do i care? no.)  So, you'd compile this ridiculous list and then you realize, I have 30 days.. two kids..a home to run..a husband..a taxi..a yard. .not one but TWO small home business to keep up to.. You know..everyday normal shit. And you say to yourself.. oh hells no.. that is nowhere near enough time. *crumple up list ..toss*..
Begin again..

30 DAYS HEY!? 

So, home DIY list is OUT.
Weightloss goals… nah. 
Home organization goals..maybe.. 
Gratitude journalling ..probably should..

Then it dawns on me. The next 30 days are going to make it hard to reach any business goals regarding my illustrations,paintings or my nail studio. Therefore, I need to make this a summery goal list and I'm going to add a personal touch to it. Obvs.

TO BEGIN..I found this on Pinterest.
And I think it's the perfect little summer goals list! More specifically, I'm going to use it in Christina Lake to make our trip even more phenomenal!

I think I'm going to print my own up and have it laminated so we can use it for other holidays and seasons. Fun and fairly simple, right ?

Then to add to that, I have the following goals that I'd like to have accomplished in the next 30 days.

1.  Purchase all the summer shoes and new sunscreen required for the summer. (this should be checked off by Monday!)

2.  Continue my yoga practice while at the lake.

3.  Make up my nail studio schedule , for the fall.

4.  Don't let any of the trips this summer , stress me out. No overpacking.

5. Eat clean ! (Ice cream doesn't count!)

WELL! Let's see how that goes.. I think that leaves lots of room for accomplishment.. The list isn't too heavy and the goals are straightforward. The term "setting up for success" comes to mind..

I hope you share some of your goals for the next 30 days . I'll post an update on how my kiddos filled in the little summer goal list. That should be neat to hear their ideas. I encourage you to do the same.

Happy Canada Day, ya'll!

Monday, 28 December 2015

Holiday Reading

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Can you believe it ?! Christmas has passed us and New Years is on its way! Were heading out to the mountains for New Years and I'm really looking forward to it . I love the idea of a new year and new possibilities for adventures to come after we've spent a hectic month rushing to make sure we have all the odds and ends to create a great Christmas experience for our children. So, while I'm away relaxing and recovering from Christmas and THE FLU! Ugh.. we were hit hard , all four of us, just before Christmas and managed to spend the last week trying to recover and not infect those we came near.. So, while I'm away relaxing and recovering, I'll be doing some major reading..

Just before summer, I joined a group of women who were interested in creating a book club. We've read a few books now and I thought I'd give you a round up of them and share my thoughts. The books we've chosen have been good and bad and REALLY bad. For the most part, we've enjoyed our picks and are at the very least , loving the monthly meeting to gather , eat, drink and discuss for a couple hours sans children. It's a bit of a reminder that we are intelligent individuals with opinions that don't have to relate to childminding, parenting, being a partner in a relationship or housework. It's fun to open up that part of your brain that's been sleepy for awhile (if you're me!) and let the discussions happen amongst girlfriends.

below is a list of the books we've read and my thoughts on them..

1. Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey - We haven't read this one yet but it looks like it will be a hit. (January's book club selection).

2. All the Light We Can Not See by  Anthony Doerr   - This is our December book club selection and I'm 1/4 way into it and it's incredible! I'll post my review after January 10. 

3. Wild by Cheryl Strayed - an OUTSTANDING book. I couldn't put this one down. This was a summer read for us and I literally yelled out on the beach when things took a turn for the worst on Cheryl's humongous hike. It was a page turner, full of anticipation and adventure and I needed it to keep going! We ended up doing a movie screening after we read it and the movie for me was just as good. I will be watching it again soon! However, it did not make me want to throw a pack on and hike the nearest trail.